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Thursday, September 25, 2008

One scrambled egg for 16 people!

Steve was able to go hunting recently and along with bringing home a car load of meat from shooting 2 Grants Gazelle and 2 Wildebeest, he also brought home an ostrich egg from a nest that was found. We scrambled the egg and it fed 16 people, as there were two missionary families traveling through Katesh.

Pray for this Land

Please pray for God's will concerning a piece of land next to the TRUTH Center that could be used for future ministry. With the future expansion of the Truth Learning Center we will need more land for other ministries to grow. We will need the local government's permission to use this land and then follow the process for getting it re-zoned for ministry use. We will be submitting our proposal to the local government very soon. Please pray if it is God's will for us to have this land that He will bring it to pass.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kweli Learning Centre (Truth Learning Center)

We opened our school in January 2008. The school year here in Tanzania runs from January to December--three months on, one month off. We currently have 27 children, and will be adding first grade in January, and a new grade each year to follow. Please pray that our school will glorify God in all that it does, that we will influence children and parents spiritually, and that we will have a good testimony in our community.
Enjoy these pictures! Some are of our field trip to a local farm, others are from a small program we did for the parents, and the rest are just fun days at school. Please pray for these precious children--we are so proud of how they have grown mentally, physically, and spiritually in the last 9 months!