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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Full Circle Missions

Our goal as church planting missionaries is to see missions come full circle.  What a joy it is to see the churches started by foreign missionaries becoming involved in missions themselves through prayer, support, and sending missionaries and starting new churches.  In our ministry, missions is coming full circle in the following ways:

(Photo above: Making mud bricks for the pastor's home and small church building in the village of Bassodesh.)  This church was started over a year ago by the Basotu Baptist Church, which was started by the Truth Baptist Church in Katesh.  The church had been meeting in a small rented building for it's first year.  Bricks were made by Pastor John and some of the believers from this church.  Bricks were also purchased from offerings from the believers of the Katesh and Endasak churches.  The doors and windows were made by Pastor Christopher (a carpenter by trade) of the Basotu church.

Pastor John explaining his vision and burden for the village of Bassodesh as the building gets started.

 Pastor John with his wife and children in front of their current home.  Pray for them as they move to the church property in Bassodesh to live and minister full time.  Pastor John's youngest child, being held in this picture, has cerebral palsy and needs special prayer. 
Pastor John and Christopher in front of new buildings that will be used instead of a rented room.  This building will help the church as John lives in one and the other is used for the small congregation to meet in.  As the church grows they will need to build a larger church building in the future.

Part of the Great Commision of missions is seeing people saved and baptized in the local church.  The Truth Baptist Church not only continues to reach out through missions but also in the town of Katesh.  Those saved and baptized are discipled through a series of Bible lessons and then further trained for service and leadership in the local church through our Bible Institute ministry.

Through the donations of God's people and the ministry of Living Water International with the help of Lance Whyle (Natalie's father), the village of Basotu has fresh and clean drinking water for the first time.  People were using the Basotu lake for their drinking water and suffering with illnesses from the contaminated water.  Pastor Christopher and his family have suffered in the past with many illnesses but now can get water from this new well.  The church is planning a special dedication service of the well in which it will reach out to the community with the message of the Living Water, Jesus Christ.