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Monday, May 7, 2007

Water, Weddings, and Walls

Water: Praise the Lord water was found in the village of Simbay! This village is where we started our first church in 2002. At that time we began working with the village leadership in trying to solve the water crisis there. Lance Whyle, Natalie's father, led the project and after two attempts at drilling over the last two years water came rushing out of the ground. The villagers were excited to say the least. We were able to hand out hundreds of gospel tracts and share the hope of the "Living Water", Jesus Christ, with the crowd who had gathered. Drilling will continue in three other villages in the weeks to come. In July, hand pumps will be installed and these new wells will be dedicated to the Lord.

Weddings: On Sunday May 6 we were able to see two young couples unite in marriage during a special church service. These young couples were already living together for some time but felt the Lord convicting them about not being married. Please pray for these couples and for others like them as they grow in the Lord.

Walls: The walls are now going up on the TRUTH Center buildings. It is exciting to see things starting to take shape. It is also exciting to "need" these new buildings as we are growing out of our current rented one. For the past several weeks we have had full services and some standing in the back for lack of seating. Please continue to pray for the construction of the TRUTH Center and the ministry it will have. Please continue to pray for the needed $14,000 to complete the project with furniture, equipment, and start-up supplies.

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