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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Serving Those Called to Serve

It is always a joy to serve those who have been called to serve. It is always our goal as forgein missionaries to work alongside of and train those called to serve to continue on with the work once we are gone. This is never easy and takes a lot of time, but we are honored to serve those who have been called to serve.
Rich is a young man whom God called to serve several years ago through the ministry of our church. He has been faithful and dedicated to the ministry and has served on a part-time basis. The church recently voted to have him as the assistant pastor and will start to support him so he can serve full-time. Pray for Rich as he oversees the discipleship ministry, evangelism, leads the Timothy House ministry, preaches, teaches, and continues to develop into a leader.

We had the chance to host the national pastors and missionaries meeting in Katesh. It was a great time of fellowship and teaching. The highlight was taking a half-day hike to different hills around Katesh for special teaching and prayer. Pray for those called to serve around Tanzania and our continued ministry in their lives.
The Truth Learning Center continues to grow and we recently needed to add an additional cook stove to help feed the students and staff. This special cooker uses very little firewood, removes smoke, and will help us feed 150 students and staff each day at the TRUTH Center. We had a problem getting the cooker in the door;it was so big we had to lower it in through the roof!
The Timothy House ministry continues to go well. The young men are doing well in school, with the projects, and making some spiritual steps. One of the goals of the Timothy House is to teach the young men responsibility through small projects. It is our goal for these projects to generate enough funds to cover the expenses. The young men have been working hard in a vegetable garden and also raising chickens for meat and eggs.

Our family was able to spend a few days "away" in Arusha after a busy start of the year. We were able to do some needed shopping, have some family fun (swimming and horseback riding), and spend some time with missionary friends.

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