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Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Harvest of Souls

We had another great Sunday here in Katesh! This morning Steve preached from the book of Acts, focusing on the fact that we as Christians need to testify about God's grace in our lives, especially to those who don't know Christ. It was a long sermon (over an hour), but it was so chock-full of great Scripture and practical application that everyone listened attentively and followed along very closely. We had a good crowd--about 47 adults--and at the invitation, 8 people came forward to accept Christ as their personal Savior. We were able to speak with each of them individually, and it was obvious that the Lord had just prepared their hearts and our church to reap some harvest today. We also had an amazing offering--about $12 in the regular offering, and about $8 for the water project at the TRUTH Center. Also, after the service, two men talked to Steve about needing to marry their girlfriends who are also the mothers of their children. The Holy Spirit is definitely at work in people's hearts, leading them to make decisions about things that we've not even addressed yet. And tonight at the youth service, we again had nearly 50 young people for volleyball and service time. We are astounded to see how the Lord is at work. We feel like for so long we've just plodded along, but what an encouragement to finally see some visible fruit.
The TRUTH Center property is progressing as well. Tomorrow they will begin laying the foundations for the buildings. Steve plans to stay on the grounds all day on Monday to make sure that everything is done properly and according to our plans. So far we have been very pleased with the contractor and his workers. Pray that things continue to go smoothly and on schedule.


Buckeye VA said...

Hello! I met you briefly at First Baptist Church in NP Ohio. I'm glad you started a blog, this will be exciting to see how the Lord continues to work and answer prayers. He never ceases to amaze me! How much farther do you have to go with the water/well project? Keep in touch.
S & D Fish Family

The Burkholder Family. said...

Thanks for your coomment and question. Our partner in ministry Lance Whyle, (Natalie's father in law) will be coming in April to do some water projects in several villages. We will be assisting him on the evangelism side of things as we try to ministry to people with the everlasting water- Jesus Christ. Keep checking our blog for updates on this ministry in the weeks ahead.

Mandy said...

so exciting to see everything working out and coming together and growing! me and jeremy felt like that with youth group for a long time too, like it was just stagnant, and now it feels like we're making a little progress. :) it's encouraging! even more so for you i'm sure! need some youth leaders?! lol