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Monday, April 2, 2007

A bit about Hannah

Our daughter Hannah turned 4 in December. She is a sweet and talkative girl, and has such a sensitive spirit towards God. When we returned to Katesh a few weeks ago, we set up a schoolroom so that we could begin homeschooling her. She loves to go to school! Right now we are only doing it 4 days a week, for 2 hours a day, but she enjoys every minute of it. Hannah is glad to be back with her best Tanzanian buddy, Rehema. Rehema is about 9 months older than Hannah, but about 2 inches shorter. They have such a good time together playing dress-up and singing songs in the backyard. After Easter, Rehema will join Hannah at "school" on Thursday afternoons. I know that Hannah will enjoy having a schoolmate. Since we've been back, we've been encouraged to see that Hannah is beginning to relearn Swahili. She gets a little disturbed though that every child in town knows her name and screams it repeatedly while we run errands. On Saturday nights, she always remembers to pray that God will bring alot of people to church on Sunday--maybe that's why we've seen such an increase in attendance! Since she no longer takes naps, her afternoon ritual is to watch an episode of "Little House on the Prairie." She thinks Nellie is just beautiful (although mean) and sometimes asks me to call her Nellie instead of Hannah. She would enjoy a pen-pal, so anyone reading who has a child her age, feel free to write!


Mandy said...

she sounds so much like tyler! lol must be a first child thing. lol tyler is very sensitive in general and toward God. it's the most exciting thing. he kinda got saved a month or so ago. we were talking about it in his devotions, so i didn't wanna pass up the opportunity, so he prayed after me. i wanted to cry. i know he's still little, 4 1/2, but i know people that swear they got saved that young. i'm sure and hope that he will ask to be saved as he gets older, but i wanted to take advantage of the chance when i had it. it's amazing how much they understand about God at a young age. such childlike faith. wish it were always that easy and innocent! lol i should have tyler "write" to hannah, they're close in age. both our kids are just 6mos apart i think. :)

Mandy said...

hi hannah

how are you? i wish you could come back and play at the park with me, we'd have fun! i love school too, are you learning a lot? i just had my adenoids out and got tubes in, so i can hear better now! :) we are leaving for church soon, i get so excited to go to church! talk to you later!


Leah said...

I love you. I miss you.

Kelly said...

Hi Natalie!
This is my first chance to check out your blogs. I cracked up reading that all the way in Tanzania Hannah is enjoying Little house on the Prairie as well. My kids like it when Nellie is on. She spices it up. Their favorite episode is when Laura pushes her down the hill in a wheel chair.
Sounds like you have a nice little routine going on. I wish I could have been with youand Angelita when you got together. That would have been a blast.
I'll chat later